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Go Green

Bright Star Energy Management is one of the fastest growing energy and maintenence management companies in the United States. Realizing the need for building owners, property managers & facility engineers to find ways to conserve energy and cut their operating costs, our president developed a business plan encompassing all aspects of energy management.

We look at energy management from a global approach. Combining the resources of engineering, operations, sales, and installation, we insure that our client receives the optimum use of their facility in the most cost effective manner.

We strive to provide a one on one relationship with our clients and take them through a step by step process of analyzing their needs from creating an engineering design module, ordering & installation of materials to writing grant applications. Bright Star Energy Management will work with your local power company for any incentive programs they may offer.

  • We retrofit programs are offered for all commercial building types including Parking Garages, Warehouse/Industrial Buildings, Hotels, Retail Chains, Apartments and Office Buildings.
  • We provide improved energy efficient lighting products as replacements for existing higher wattage fixtures.
  • We are not just lighting solutions, but TOTAL energy management: refrigeration, HVAC and more.

Bright Star Energy Management won’t forget you when the job is finished.


Contact Bright Star for your home, property, or facility needs for all star service or maintenance. 

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Our Green Mission
Protecting and enhancing the environment is at the forefront of our business strategy. We believe in attaining cost savings using only measures with the health of the environment in mind. Bright Star Energy Management strives to help make each and every building we touch as energy efficient as possible. Efficiency is only half of the equation however. We also utilize state-of-the art construction methods to reduce waste for less impact on landfills and the environment. 
Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is critical to creating a sustainable energy future. We are committed to finding sustainable, affordable options to meet our customers’ electricity needs. To encourage energy efficiency, we provide energy-saving information and cash rebate programs. This helps customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint. At Bright Star Energy, we utilize these programs along with other federal incentives to develop the most efficient and cost effective strategies for our clients.
Reuse, reduce, recycle. This slogan has been a part of American culture for decades, but it’s an everyday activity for us. On every project, Bright Star Energy recycles all waste capable of being repurposed. Part of our recycling efforts include using materials that are environemntally friendly so when they are discarded they can be recycled as well. We take great pride in knowing our efforts will be making a difference for generations to come.