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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Choosing the right contractor for a remodel of your home or business is an important choice, not to mention a costly and frustrating mistake if you don’t choose wisely.  An important step to this process is setting the proper expectations. We all want the job done as quickly and as inexpensively as possible, however, it is crucial to understand that skilled contractors are high in demand, and the wait time to begin your project may be hard to accept, but in the long run it’s probably the most important decision in the entire process!

Bright Star Property Services will always be here to provide any consumer or business with a fair market price and the guarantee that your project will be completed by our skilled workforce, in a timely manner, with all deliverables met to satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is what we thrive on at Bright Star and we will stop at nothing to make sure your remodel project is adequately scoped, that all deliverables are communicated and agreed upon, and that your expectations of the end result are exceeded! Bright Star understands how important your existing space is, and we have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure that we develop and implement a plan to make your remodeled space in your home or business more efficient, useful, and appealing! For more information on how to get exactly the results you expect out of a business or home remodel, please Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss your project and the processes we follow to make your remodel dreams into a reality!

Our commitment to Home Owners, Property Managers, and Facility Managers is to provide an extensive list of Home, Business, and Facility services. We have combined 60 years of experience building, maintaining, and improving various facilities and homes around the United States with an eye towards efficiency and customer satisfaction. We brought together our Energy Management, Construction, and Facility Service divisions under one roof in order to provide our customers with a complete solution. We stand behind our business tagline, and we really can “Fix it all with One Click or Call!”


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In a world that has become increasingly demanding for our time and attention, money and time have steadily become one in the same. We have all heard the term, “work smarter, not harder,” and the application of this phrase, much like the marriage of time with money, has become increasingly consistent – at work, at home, and during vacation. Interior and Exterior painting, has long been one of the favorable “Do it yourself” jobs. For most working Americans, taking an entire week or weekend to repaint your house is not something a working professional can easily allocate precious “time” to. Using a professional painter / contractor will take the stress out of the job, not to mention the burden of second guessing yourself on the quality of your own work. We all know the side effects that can consume our thoughts when we internally re-hash the decisions we make, based on a poor outcome of a “do it yourself” project. Hiring a professional painter avoids such feelings of doom and personal doubt, all while allowing you to focus on your business and/or family goals. Additionally, there are a number of equipment and safety factors that should influence your decision to allow a professional to add color to your home and life.


Equipment and Safety Factors:

If your home build date is previous to 1978, it’s possible that the structure may have been painted with lead based paint. Lead based paint can cause serious health effects while scraping or sanding the existing paint surface. All pre-paint preparation precautions will be taken when in the hands of a professional. Proper preparation on the current surface will allow a professional to achieve your aesthetic expectations. Additionally, skilled painters will be able to offer insight on how lighting and other environmental concerns will affect the color hues you are considering. Choosing the right color and paint type is not always an easy decision, professional painters will be able to offer invaluable wisdom in order to obtain the premeditated paint performance and longevity expectations set. 

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

1.    Smart/Programmable Thermostat- A smart or programmable thermostat is a great way to cut down on the amount of time your system runs. Programmable thermostats can be set to operate when you are likely to be home and off when you’re not. Smart thermostats incorporate various motion, light, humidity, and temp sensors to ensure efficient operation of your HVAC system. As an added bonus, smart thermostats have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow remote monitoring and control of your AC system.   

2.    Out With the Old- Replace an old underperforming AC unit with a newer, more efficient one that will keep you cooler for less money. Look for an Energy Star certified unit that is guaranteed to be more efficient. An added perk of upgrading is that most all states allow you to receive a tax credit for units that are greater than or equal to 16 SEER.    

3.    Air Filters- Swapping your home’s air filters is usually an inexpensive way to make sure your system is running at its peak potential. Depending on where you live, filters need to be replaced as often as every 3-4 months.   

4.    Circulation- Ceiling and floor fans are a great way to circulate what would be otherwise, hot stagnant air. They will help move the cool air pumped into your home by the AC system for a more even feeling temperature. 

5.    Clean Vents- Your AC system could be in peak condition but it won’t matter if you have clogged vents. Check the vents in your home to make sure there aren’t any children’s toys or other obstructions restricting what would otherwise be adequate airflow. If there is an obstruction call a professional to remove it for you.   

Give us a call and let Bright Star Property Services keep you and your family cool and comfortable this summer!


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Our lawns are more than just decorative landscape, they provide a few great benefits to us other than a soft place to throw or kick a ball around. Our yards also act as giant dust traps and air filters that keep the area around your home a cool, clean, and enjoyable place to be. Here are few tips on maintaining those emerald islands around your house this summer.

Watering- To keep your grass healthy, be sure to water it in the early morning when the air temp is cooler and the wind has died down. This will make the water your using go further and prevent mushrooms and fungus from growing. Watering less often for a longer period of time will also keep valuable nutrients from leeching away and it will condition the grass to grow deeper, stronger roots so your yard is more resilient.  

Fertilizing- Everybody’s lawn is different but we can agree that a well fed lawn is a happy lawn. Fertilizing between the months of April and November will yield a healthier lawn that looks as good in the summer as it does in the winter.    

Weeds- Weeds are the bane of every home owner and each and every spring they always seem to pop up. A couple quick tips to keep you sane this summer:

  •  Resist pulling them- Use a reputable weed control chemical to ensure the weed is dead from the root upward.  
  •  Deep watering and cutting the grass higher will encourage thicker grass that chokes out weeds and prevents the seeds from germinating. 

We hope you are having a great summer and if you have any lawn care questions please feel free to give Bright Star Property Services a call for any of your landscaping and lawn care needs.  

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